Sex on the Beach With a Beautiful Stranger

It was the first time that Max had ever been to Cabo. Well, to tell the truth, this was the first vacation of any kind that he had taken in almost two years. He had been working very hard over this two year period to start his business. Marketing, PR, start up costs, and hiring staff had build up some serious stress, but now his business was doing well enough that he could step away for a few days and take a break. “Anything goes on this vacation. No more budgeting and worrying.”, Max said to himself. “Time to relax.”

Bright and early the next morning he boarded a plane and landed in Cabo. Arriving at the beach he breathed in the air. The water was perfectly blue and there was not a cloud in the sky. He did take a break from looking at the water and the sky to notice the most gorgeous woman walking toward him. She was dripping wet as she had just come out of the water, and she wore the minimalist bikini and top. He stood staring until she said, “Don’t worry. I don’t bite. Unless you want me too.” He didn’t know what to say at first. A scene began to play in his head of a movie that he had watched recently on This scene was of a man and woman fucking on the beach. His body began to react as the scene played on in his head, and he could feel an erection beginning to grow. He walked closer to the woman. As he got closer she could see his the outline of his erection protruding underneath his trunks. She was close enough to whisper, “You seem excited.” in his ear making sure that her lips brushed his ear.

Strip Tease At A Birthday Party

Anya was teasing me. She had had a few cocktails and was feeling carefree. It was her birthday after all, and turning thirty was no longer something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. She was sexy. She knew she was sexy, and she was going to show me how sexy she felt. She standing if front of a chair in her living room giving me a strip tease. It was getting late and all of her party guest had left or were leaving except for me. Anya wasn’t done celebrating yet, and I was enjoying this part of the party.

She lifted up her white skirt revealing the white lace panties that she was wearing underneath. “Hey Anya.”, I called. “I am going to record your strip tease act and upload it to sex video site.” She walked over to me and lifted up her white halter top. “Ok.” She said feeling frisky. I pulled out my phone, opened the video camera app, and began to record. Anya lifted her skirt again showing off her panties and perfect ass. She put it back down and shimmied out of it. I was getting aroused watching her get naked. She took off her halter top revealing that she had been wearing no bra. I could feel my cock throbbing in my pants. She took off her panties and threw them at me. She walked over to me.

Sexy asian lady

asianI received the letter in the mail that I had been dreading. Ten year high school reunion. I did not want to go, but something inside of me was curious to see how everyone had progressed or regressed in the ten years since we had all walked across the stage and went our separate ways in life. The reunion was to take place in Virginia which meant only a forty five minute plane ride from North Carolina. I packed my bags and reserved a taxi to get me to the airport. After arriving at the airport and after checking my luggage I started to wonder, “Am I doing the right thing?” It’s too late for that now as sound of the speakers announcing that my flight was boarding disturbed my thoughts. I finished checking my bags, grabbed my carry on bag, and made my way to the gate to board the plane. After the plane landed, I took another taxi from the airport to my hotel which happened to be the same location in which the reunion was being held. I checked into my hotel room at the Reserve Inn, the fancy hotel in town where the reunion was taking place.

I went downstairs to find that the event was already underway. I selected my name badge from the entrance table and placed it on my shirt cautiously scanning the room in search of familiar faces. I heard a voice from behind me, but I did not recognize it. “Billy? Billy Johnson?”, asked the mysterious voice. I turned around to see if I could figure out who was speaking to me. I did not recognize the face, but was pleasantly surprised by the beauty standing in front of me in a pink low-cut dress and stiletto heels. She must have sensed my confusion because she said, “It’s me, Grace Lu.” I stood with my mouth gaped open. The last time that I saw Grace Lu she had braces and glasses the size of Neptune. Ten years had certainly treated her kindly. Grace had a crush on me since freshman year of high school, but I never paid her much attention. Now, I couldn’t stop staring. “What’s wrong? You don’t recognize your old high school crush?”, she said playfully leaning in to kiss my cheek. “You look amazing.”, I said touching her hip. “I know right.”, she laughed as she got closer and her lips brushed mine.

My hand slid from her hip to her plump ass. “Would you like to go upstairs?”, I asked her still hypnotized by her striking beauty. “Why not.”, she stated as we headed toward the stairs. We got to my room, and she climbed onto the bed. She slid back and opened her legs making a point to show me that she wasn’t wearing panties. I groaned feeling my dick throbbing in my pants. I quickly disrobed and joined her on the bed crawling between her already open legs. I stared for a minute. Then, I reached up and played with her tits through her dress. She moaned as I slid my dick into her soaking wet pussy. I pushed in and out slowly. “Harder Billy.”, she whispered. I pushed harder groaning louder with each thrust. “I’m cumming Billy!”, Grace screamed. “Me too.”, I said. We both screamed as we climaxed.